eBook Review: The Magic University Trilogy by Cecilia Tan

The Siren and the SwordIn this review, I’m covering three books:

  • Magic University Book One – The Siren and the Sword
  • Magic University Book Two – The Tower and the Tears
  • Magic University Book Three – The Incubus and the Angel

The author, Cecilia Tan is an open and avid fan of J. K. Rowling’s fictional world of Harry Potter. These books are clearly influenced by Hogwarts and its inhabitants.

You could sum the books up as “Harry Potter with sex,” but you’d be doing them a serious injustice. There is so much more involved than that. The tales do have similarities, but these are much more adult and will appeal to older Harry Potter fans.

Naturally, there are comparisons to be drawn, but there are also many differences. Tan has created a whole new fictional world, living within the real one of Harvard University.

Kyle Wadsworth is the main character focussed on throughout the series. We meet him as he stumbles into the admissions block for magical people at Harvard University. He has absolutely no idea that he has magical powers and is completely confused by the world he’s wandered into.

These three books (with more to follow, I believe) follow Kyle on his journey as he begins to understand the magical world and how he fits into it. He gets into a great deal of scrapes which he must overcome, and, as you’d expect, he has a lot of sex. This is where the tales really shine. Rather than feeling like a storyline with some sex thrown in, or lots of sex with a storyline put around it, the eroticism is completely integrated into the plot.

I’m not writing separate reviews of the books because I was so addicted that I read them all one after the other. I couldn’t even stop long enough to do a write up. However, it makes sense because the stories are better enjoyed as a whole. I don’t think they’d work quite as well as standalones as there would be so much you didn’t know that you’d lose some impact.

So, without giving anything away, I’m going to recommend the Magic University books. If you love Harry Potter and erotica, you will adore this series. Fantasy erotica doesn’t get much better than this!

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