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Bonnie Bliss TourFinding Love in BDSM

Hearts and flowers does not love make in BDSM.

Granted, don’t get me wrong, I love a nice night out. A movie, dinner, and long walk on the beach. Yes, I know it is cliché as all get out.

Being single in the ‘scene’ is very lonely.

The first man that introduced me to BDSM told me this, and I laughed it off. I thought, how could it possibly be lonely if you finally discover your sexuality?


You can’t just tell a man to spank you, take you up the back door, and call you his slut while he’s doing it. Nope, you just can’t do that. So, you are left with two options. The club scene, in which its hard to find a comfortable fit, or being single, and hoping for the best. That sounds a bit terrible. All I can tell you is from my experience and that of a very close friend. If I wasn’t at a club, I was not getting any. The one man I told my kink to laughed at me, realized I was serious when I didn’t laugh with him, and then said that’s some ‘weird shit,’ then left.


But I was patient. I had hope that what I truly needed was out there. It was, in the most unlikely place. In a writers’ forum, a very arrogant British man came my way. It wasn’t perfect at first. But, we worked in the most unconventional of ways. He was vanilla and I was kinky. Together we discovered he was just as kinky, if not more so than I was.

But, it was very lonely before I met him, a whole lot of vanilla men and lil’ ole’ kinky me.

It is why I love my stories to project that fear and vulnerability in starting a new relationship when in the BDSM scene. It helps myself and hopefully my readers connect with my female characters more.


Halloween SubmissionHalloween has arrived and Tom Newton is stressed with his job as a fireman. His best friend Rob, a submissives’ wet dream, is having a play party on Halloween night. Lucy, a nurse who has secretly been crushing on Tom, has decided to go to the party. Tom has decided that he needs to release some tension, and have some fun during his time off. What Lucy and Tom don’t know is that Rob, his best friend, and Millie, Tom’s sister, have set this up. Join them as they enjoy a hot night of bondage play. Can it all run smoothly? Will true love blossom? Will the Master get his slave? There is only one way to find out.

A story packed with sultry moments of Dominance and submission. Halloween Submission promises to be the hottest holiday this year.

Warning: This book is intended for readers over the age of 18. It contains, but is not limited to intense bondage play, references of Sadomasochism, impact play, anal play, and one hot night on All Hollow’s Eve, you aren’t soon to forget.

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Bonnie Bliss is not just a willing submissive, but she is a wife and a mother. By day, she is a busy, stay at home mother. At night, she is a sultry storyteller. Her tastes go towards the dark and the extreme. She loves to twist up fairy tales and sweet stories we all know and love. Her lust for Dominance and submission has taken her into the dark inner workings of Sadomasochism.

Bonnie is a native of Southern California, and says that everything in the Katy Perry song, California Girls is totally accurate. She has done everything from waitressing, customer service phone rep., Corporate Real Estate, and spent a pretty impressive part of her life working for the Disney Corporation—including as a Disney Princess. When she’s not writing, she is ordering too many custom bows for her daughter, baking the best cupcakes in the world, going to Disneyland, laying on a beach, and sometimes playing hockey for release.

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