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Fae&DragonWriting In The Dark: Or Why I Write Paranormal Romance by Eliza Gayle

I have a confession to make. I am scared of the dark. I’m not just a little nervous or uncomfortable without the lights on but full on petrified of what might be hiding in the dark at any given moment kind of fear that keeps me safely indoors or never alone outside after the sun goes down.

Yet despite that, or maybe because of it, I love all things supernatural and metaphysical. I’ve feared vampires since I was a little girl, longed to be a faery for as long as I can remember, and simply think dragons are the coolest creatures ever.

So while I might be checking behind the shower curtains when I come home to an empty house, I refuse to miss an episode of True Blood or Supernatural for any reason. (Seriously. If you interrupt my True Blood, you’d better be dying. Hehe)

At twenty years old while living in California I visited my first new age store and purchased my first set of Tarot cards. That only hooked me in deeper as it opened my eyes to even more possibilities. Now too many years later to count, I have four sets of cards, and am as quick to do a reading for myself as I am to incorporate these elements that fascinate me into a story.

Thus far I have experimented with faeries, dragons, witches, vampires, and shifters. Don’t ask me to pick a favorite though because it would be too hard. Every supernatural being I like to write about has their own quirks and abilities that make me enjoy them all. I have a soft spot for whatever world I happen to be writing in at the moment.

Currently that’s been shifters. Although I did manage to add a witch into the series as well. The more the merrier, right? Now that Malcolm is done though, I’ve gone back to finishing up a witch story I started ages ago…although I do have an urban fantasy with faeries and elves also awaiting my return. If that wasn’t enough there is also a WIP involving a certain paranormal carnival…

I sort of grew up in a carnival you see. Well, my daddy owned one and I spent my summers traveling with him. Even out of the country sometimes. Anyone who knows this about me is always asking when am I going to write my carnival story. I just say it’s coming and leave it for another day. That is a whole nother story.

At the end of the day I think it’s pretty easy to see why I spend half my writing time with creatures of the not quite human sort. I love them, I fear them, and if I’m going to spend time examining the dark spaces in my house for the weird and scary, I might as well use that spike in adrenalin for good. 🙂


Eliza Gayle is the best selling author of a variety of paranormal and contemporary erotic romances. Her latest book, Malcolm, is the third installment in the action packed Black Cougar series and is now available from most ebook retailers. She currently makes her home in the gorgeous piedmont area of North Carolina as close to the water as she can get. You’ll often find her on Twitter chatting about random slices of life at @elizagaylebooks or on Facebook as ElizaGayle. To find out more about Eliza and her books visit her website at


MalcolmHe can run but he can’t hide. Not from duty. Not from danger. And especially not from the woman who forces him to face the truth.

Malcolm Gunn’s time is running out along with his ability to shift. When confronted with his past he thinks he’s found a solution. With the help of a little rope, he can let nature takes its course. Unfortunately the woman who is the key to his existence harbors a powerful secret that will destroy them both.

Cheyenne’s been hired to track and retrieve Malcolm at any cost. Her only plan is to get in, get out and keep her sanity intact. In that order. But she’s been warned…If he catches her, he will stake his claim whether she is willing or not.

Deceit and lies bring them together. Murder puts them on the run. Their enemies are closing in and there’s only one, irreversible way out. Some choices can never be forgiven and one man’s anger can destroy it all…Malcolm.



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  1. says

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh please please please! I want Malcolm to come home with me! I have the rest of his family, it only makes sense to have him too!!!!!!
    And besides, these stories are awesome!
    Please include me in!!!

  2. says


    I’ve always possessed a fine “respect” for the darkness, too, especially around 3 a.m. when I can’t sleep and/or am woken up suddenly. Oh, and those nights when I’m alone and can’t blame the bump-in-the-night on something else? Forget about it!

    Great post.

    louisabacio @

  3. elaing8 says

    Great post.I am the opposite of you,I have never been afraid of the dark.I don’t mind sitting in the dark in the middle of the night just thinking 🙂 as for the things that go bump in the night,I always check out the noises, its never bothered me.
    I would love to take Malcolm home with me…..but I may have to fight Cecile for him 😉