Guest Blog: Gale Stanley

Do seductive supernatural heroes – and heroines – raise the bar for us mere mortals? by Gale Stanley

Someone once told me it was a real problem finding a partner because no one measured up to the sexy alphas in their romance novels. I think they were joking, but it got me thinking. Why do we love these paranormal heroes and heroines so much?

I’ve been fascinated by fangs and fur since I first watched Lon Chaney Jr. transform into the wolfman. I sympathized with the tortured hero and I loved his dangerous edge. Now I like to read and write about dark, seductive alpha males, preferably of the Lycan variety. You know the type, sinfully good-looking, a bit arrogant and capable of bestowing multiple orgasms at a moment’s notice. He’s a lethal predator one minute and a possessive, protective lover the next. Yummy!

On the other side of the coin is the kickass heroine – a strong, independent woman who doesn’t wait around to be rescued by a man. This woman can fight off hundreds of demons and still attract every good-looking guy within eyeshot.

Where can you find guys and gals like this? Only between the covers – of a good book.

These characters are fun to read about and provide an entertaining out of this world escape. They don’t exist in the real world but maybe they can provide some inspiration for a little romantic role play. Halloween is coming up. Get your significant other a wolf costume and start howling.


Talon and the Falconer

Talon and the Falconer

Symbiotic Mates: 3

A MM Shape-shifter Romance – Release date: July 23

Ben, a Lycan falconer, lives on the outskirts of Arcadia, an oddball in the eyes of Lycan society. The wolves abide by a pack mentality and don’t understand Ben’s affinity for birds, especially in light of the ongoing feud between Lycans and the Kindred, vampires who can shift into hawks.

Talon, one of the Kindred, is shot down over Lycan territory and Ben rescues him. When Ben is injured, Talon returns the favor. Neither man realizes they’ve forged a connection that can never be broken, and their only hope for survival is to be together.

Available for preorder at Silver Publishing:


Born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love, Gale cut her teeth on True Story magazines and Mickey Spillane paperbacks. She always dreamed of being a writer and creating her own magical stories but real life got in the way. After working as a lab technician, a surveyor, and a CAD manager, she gave it up for the best job in the world, one she can do in her pj’s. Her books may be smokin’ hot, but at the heart of each story is a romance and she doesn’t mind living vicariously through the smokin’ hot alphas and strong heroines she loves to write about.







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