Guest Blog: Margie Church

Pushing the Boundaries of Erotic Romance

Readers and reviewers frequently say that I push the boundaries of conventional romance. To that I say, “hell yeah.” Does this mean that I write extreme kink? I don’t think so. It means I write romances that buck the conventional norms. The last thing I ever want a reader to say is, “I saw that coming a mile away.” I never want somebody to say one of my books was predictable or boring.

I’ve gotten rejections by publishers and taken hits by readers and reviewers for the way I write my plots. Believe it or not, my characters have extramarital affairs, they are confused about their sexual identities, they don’t want to be turned into vampires, they make huge mistakes, and they have trouble trusting. And they are the hero/heroine in the stories. I think most of you probably don’t have an inkling about who I am, but I will say this, my characters’ behaviors resemble people you know.

I cringe when I go through Goodreads (a huge reader site) and see one of my books tagged with something like: stay away, cheater or gay for you. Why are some people so judgmental when it comes to romances? I understand there’s a huge element of escapism that readers want in fiction, but I’m not a reader who appreciates being fed pabulum. Give me a textured plot with complex, bulletproof characters and I’ll be cheering them on. I believe in redemption, so a damn good explanation for bad behavior and actions to back up the explanation usually rights the wrong.

So, without further adieu, I’d like to share my two newest erotic romances. The first, Hard as Teak, is a gay romance. If you have a heart for coming out stories and appreciate that some people aren’t always honest with themselves about their sexual identity, this is a fantastic book. It’s been on Amazon’s top 100 erotic gay/lesbian romances for over 100 days.

The 18th Floor is a solid plot all stitched in BDSM kink. The lifestyle is built on trust. This book emulates what is required of both partners in a D/s relationship. The biggest complaint I get about this book is it’s too short.


Hard As TeakHard as Teak

Kevin Marks escapes to the north woods to reignite his passion for photography and women. But the only flame he seems able to spark is for his latest photography subject, Teak Hildalgo. Kevin’s never been in a man’s arms before.

Teak, the raven-haired, photographer’s dream come true, is hell bent on capturing Kevin’s heart. He takes Kevin, body and soul, on a romantic, sexual journey previously lived only in Kevin’s fantasies. And no dream was ever this good, no truth this undeniable.

Will Kevin ever be the same? When the camera’s put away, will Teak live up to his name?

Content advisory: m/m graphic sex and language

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The 18th FloorThe 18th Floor

Alexa Robbins is so consumed by her career, the only sex she has is listening to her nymphomaniac neighbors go at it. When Sebastian Law discovers her in the eighteenth floor conference room early one morning, the table becomes a pallet for making one of her fantasies come true. Will he enjoy her extensive repertoire?

On the outside, Sebastian appears a buttoned-up, well-dressed, techno geek. Inside, he’s a Dom with a hearty appetite for all types of carnal pleasures. He risks alienating Alexa by revealing his true nature, but he won’t keep the secret for long.

Together, they explore all the things that turn them on. And discover whether they’re a perfect match for life beyond the 18th Floor.

Content advisories: bi-racial m/f, m/m, BDSM, ménage, spanking, flogging, oral sex, anal sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, sex in public places, phone sex.

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Margie ChurchMargie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). She has a degree in writing and editing and has been a professional writer, editor, and journalist for over 25 years. If you enjoy books you can’t put down, read one of hers.

Margie lives in Minnesota (U.S.), is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, flower gardening, biking, walking her dog on moonlit nights, nature, and making people laugh. She also writes children’s books under the pen name, Margaret Rose.

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COMMENT TO WIN: Tell Margie what are turn-offs for you in a romance and you could win either Hard as Teak or The 18th Floor. Winner will be drawn on 1st November.

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  1. says

    Lucy, thanks for hosting me today. Looks like we’ll be spending the day together on both sides of the Pond! Welcome to all your guests. I’m looking forward to their comments.

    • says

      Hello, Melanie. Thanks for agreeing. I put you on my BFF list. LOL Seriously, I love publishers who want to give readers what they like. And I love readers who are willing to read an emotionally honest story. I hope you’ll take a look at mine.

  2. Marika Weber says

    I’m pretty open minded when it comes to my reading but my biggest turn off is any form of forced seduction/rape. I read a blurb from a book where the woman was incapacitated and her Dom had about four or five guys in their “room” screwing her senseless. She had no idea what was going on with her and her Dom keep telling the guys to keep on screwing her. To me that is rape, pure and simple. Sex while under the influence is not cool. Needless to say, I didn’t buy the book and unfortunately for that author, I will not ever buy another one of their books. Totally turned me off.

    Not into any form of incest either…ick!

    • says

      Hi Marika, Those are usually categorized in the taboo area when you look at submissions, however, I’ve seen a couple books recently where forced sex is part of the plot. It surprised me. In Hard as Teak, Kevin gets kinda drunk and Teak really wants to make love with Kevin. It would be their first time. It would be a classic way to have Kevin let his guard down, but I steered clear of it and actually had Kevin say something to the effect that if he’s going to have sex with Teak, he wants to be sober. And Teak respects that decision.

      Thanks for coming by and for your detailed response. Please don’t be a stranger.


  3. says

    hi! I have never read your books so I can’t relate to what other people say about your books. I don’t go by reviews or what others say, for I make my own decision on a book., we all don’t like the samethings, and I may love the book-you need to judge for yourself, not some reviewer/or other readers. I love romance, never have read about gay couple, even though I have friends and a cousin who are gay, it be interesting…the 18th floor intrigues me.

    • says

      Hi Carole, Welcome. As for my books, there are plenty of reviews and comments on my Website: People tag me on goodreads and of course on Amazon., too. Gay romance isn’t for everyone, though I found just having an open mind to liking the story is more than half the battle. The 18th Floor is really erotic. I almost wrote that under a pen name!

      Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll check me out.

  4. Mary Preston says

    I’m loving the NO APOLOGIES attitude to your writing Margie Church. Read it or don’t read it I say.


    • says

      And Mary, I love your attitude. I write contemporary romances and I sure want to have some escapism. But, if they aren’t believable characters, what’s the point? I’ll keep plodding along here, trying not to step in the big muck piles, but you can bet my characters are going to be flawed. How I redeem them is what makes my books so good. Enjoy one, I hope!

  5. says

    Love your books, Margie! I still need to get caught up, though. Love how there’s too much out there to read! I remember not too long ago that it was the opposite problem.

    What I don’t like in romances are cheaters. I’m not talking about those in down-and-out relationships that turn to others for comfort, but people that just go out looking for tail just because. Or, single characters that purposefully look for those in relationships to mess with. Argh. Cheaters! Blah.

    I enjoy romances that do push the limits of the characters. I mean, isn’t that what any good relationship is? We better those we are in relationships with (family, friends, lovers) by pushing them into zones that aren’t necessarily comfortable. We do it because we love them and we only want to better everyone, right? This is why any romances that “pushes the limits” rings true to me and maybe why readers are craving these types of stories. Escapism? Sure. True to life? Definitely!

    • says

      Hi Katie. Thanks for the detailed response! Cheaters. Well, indiscriminate tail is not a good thing, but sometimes people do marry the wrong people or fall out of love. I think it’s a case of how is it portrayed. Does the character show remorse and care for the one he/she’s hurt? Real life is like that and I think readers can get on board with a character who makes wrong choices but has good intentions.

  6. says

    Katie has elected to receive a copy of The 18th Floor, my erotic BDSM romance for her comments. Thanks everyone for visiting and I sincerely hope you’ll keep in touch.