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Johnny is Back!

Johnny the Djinn that is. He first appeared in Silver Screen Dream and has been driving me bonkers ever since. He’s an all-powerful being who lives in a tea kettle or occasionally in a little green amulet.  He’s also the property of the Khan family. He uses sarcasm and general grumpiness to cover his deep felt heart ache and he loves to tell stories. Here’s details of his latest one:

Bollywood NightmareBollywood Nightmare: Book two in the Djinn’s Amulet Series

Sometimes what seems to be a nightmare can change into a dream come true.

Kiya is the daughter of Rahul Khan, the biggest Bollywood star of all time and she is a talented actress in her own right. Her abundant curves have taken Bollywood by storm and now Hollywood is knocking at her door.

Johnny is the Khan family Djinn. He is responsible for Rahul meeting his true love Laura. Well, that’s what he tells people anyway. His Masters latest wish is the safekeeping of his daughter Kiya on her American adventure. How he ends up powerless and alone he’s not quite sure and how he’s going to rescue the kidnapped Kiya without his Djinn magic is a mystery.

Luckily, Kiya has many talents She sets about seducing her captor, Aseem but it isn’t just her virginity he takes, it’s her heart.

Will Kiya and Aseem beat the odds, escape the badlands warehouse and have all the wild, kinky sexy they long for? Will Johnny be wished free, will he go to his soul mate in Djinnistan and will they all live happily ever after?

Reader Advisory: This book contains contains a scene of dubious consent, some hot spanking, sexy bondage and a sarcastic Djinn you are going to fall in love with.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Johnny would like to have full rein over the stories but as he’s a little biased I always use the viewpoint of another Character too.  Kiya is the co-narrator in this book, she knows her mind and she certainly knows how to keep Johnny under control! Here’s a little snippet of the story written from Kiya’s point of view for you to enjoy!

“Dakshi… fucked a lot of girls and always left the door ajar when he did so. I found out it was a bit of a signal. The others told me never to go into his office unless the door was shut and I could knock. It seemed a little strange to me but I thought he got off on the idea he could be watched.

I don’t think he ever knew I watched, I was very discreet. Dakshi was not always kinky with the girls, he was always rough and demanding and I was fairly certain none of the girls I saw him with ever had an orgasm. I wasn’t saying they didn’t enjoy the experience but he seemed fixated on his own pleasure more than theirs.

I didn’t think that was right. I did long for a taste of the same treatment but as Johnny had bewitched every bloody man on set I wasn’t going to get anything from anyone there.

“Your father commanded it,” was his annoying response “You’re too young and too single to be having sex anyway.”

“You don’t believe that.” I tutted. “And neither does Dad. Even I know they were at it before they married.”

“That’s not the point,” Johnny replied, that annoying smirk plastered across his human-form face. “He’s just protecting you and your innocence.”

“I can look after myself,” I snapped.

“I doubt it, you don’t even own a packet of condoms.”

“Johnny, have you been through my things?” I exclaimed.

“Oh, stop with the false outrage, you know I know everything that’s in that damn house. It’s true though. Until you are responsible enough to think of safe sex you’re not ready for it.”

“And I suppose you have condoms coming out of your ears.”

“No, because Djinns don’t need them, especially ones like me who haven’t seen a female Djinn in centuries.”

“What about humans?” I asked.

“What about them?”

“Well, you’re in human form, surely you have all the functioning bits and pieces…”

“I do, yes, but I do not feel attraction to human women.”

“Bollocks,” I exclaimed.

“Yes, I have two, but young lady, you shouldn’t speak like that.”

“Johnny, have you really never fucked a human?”

“Never, now let’s change the subject.”

“Really? I’m sure they’d find you kind of appealing, you’re not that ugly.”

“Well, thanks for the stunning compliment there, petal,” He was being sarcastic, I could tell by the way he sounded like Mum. “but no, never ever have I touched a woman like that. I couldn’t.”

“Do you not know how?”

“Don’t be silly, of course I know how! It’s just my heart belongs to another.”

“Aww, that’s romantic.”

“Nah, it’s serious. It’s basically added up to approximately three hundred and fifty-two years, seventy-eight days and thirteen hours of celibacy, give or take a minute or two.”

“Sounds like true love to me,” I said.

Johnny just nodded.

“I think I just heard your father call me.” He disappeared.

I had never experienced anything close to love. Infatuation yes, lust, oh definitely, but I knew I’d never been in love. Funny how you found it in the strangest places. “

If you want to know more about Kiya and Johnny you can pick up Bollywood Nightmare from Total-E-Bound.

But if you haven’t read Silver Screen Dream you’ll need to read that first so you know where you’re up to!

And I suppose I better get writing the third one in the series…


Victoria BlisseVictoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, Smut by the Sea and Smut in the City.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

Find out more at or follow and friend Victoria:

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