New Release: Protect and Serve: Mistletoe and Whine by Sharon Maria Bidwell



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Changeling Press

Bobby, Chantelle, and Sam’s lives have changed. Bobby is now a rural cop while Chantelle and Sam run the Hare and Hounds Pub and Restaurant. Their new situation would be idyllic if the only blight was Health and Safety insisting they cannot decorate with real mistletoe for the holidays.

Truth is, Sam’s not doing so well — he’s suffering too much pain in the leg that was injured in a past accident. Although Sam knows he has the love of two beautiful shifters, he can’t help his frustration. He longs to run with them, to not feel so weak. If his pain weren’t bad enough, there’s danger in the surrounding woods, something Chantelle senses, fails to understand, and dismisses when Bobby distracts her with sex.

When Sam is kidnapped, he has real cause to whine. Will he live long enough to get the kiss under the mistletoe that he longs for, and will the plant have to be made of plastic?

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Available from:
Changeling Press

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