Free Read: Excerpt from Cream by Lana Fox #freeread #freereadfriday

CreamIn this excerpt from Cream: An Erotic Romance by Lana Fox, the dominant Marcus, who has just spent the evening having kinky sex with Caroline, has poured her a bath. He has also brought up a glass of white wine for her, along with a terracotta jug of cold double cream.


“Now,” he said. “Are you ready for cream?”

Cream, Sir?”

“Double cream,” he said. “Get ready for some coolness on your back.”

Then he held the jug over me and poured. It was the most incredible sensation. Thick cream—the kind you whip into clouds—fell down my back, unctuous and cool. I moaned just to feel it, and I heard him moan, too. Then I felt his hands on my back, rubbing the cream into me, massaging my skin. I relaxed into it, aroused by the sensations, and asked, “What are you doing?” before quickly adding, “Sir?”

“Cream is a perfect reward,” he said, “and you’ve earned it, Miss Spence.” There was a heaviness in his voice—a lustful appreciation—as the cream swirled through the water and against my thighs. Then he rose to his feet and made me fall back into the bath before slowly pouring more of the cream over my chest. It splashed onto me and ran over my breasts in rivulets.

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Free Read Friday: Out of this World by Maggie Morton #freebiefriday

Out of This WorldShe woke up what could have been either minutes or hours later. Or even days. But she didn’t see any clocks nearby to tell her how long it’d been, and the mattress she was lying on was lumpy and uneven. As she opened her eyes, her memories came shooting back into her head. The lost luggage. The taxi she’d gotten into. And how she’d fallen asleep as soon as the driver had taken off.

“Fuck!” Iris leapt up. She was standing under a starry, full-mooned sky, in a giant field, and she had absolutely no idea where she was. “What to do, w-what to do…” she stammered, glancing left and right. On the ground a few feet away lay her bag, and she rushed over to it. Maybe she could call her mom, or her brother, and get their help. But after she’d scrambled to her bag and dumped its contents out onto the ground, she realized quite quickly that not only was she in the middle of nowhere with no idea where she was, but she also had no phone, no wallet, and nothing except the magazine she’d read on the flight, her diary, two pens, and the airplane vouchers. A lot of good those would do now.

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Free Read: Excerpt from Uncharted Territory by Jim Lyon

I have the full permission of the author to post this free erotic extract. Find out more about Jim Lyon here.

Chapter 1 – Uncharted Territory

Unaware of the curious turn his life was about to take, Matt headed downstairs to the kitchen in search of a snack and a beer, not necessarily in that order. It was a typical Saturday evening. He had been rehearsing a voiceover script while Lisa held her weekly jam session. After grabbing a couple chicken legs and a Heineken, he gravitated toward the living room intent on settling in for the beginning of Saturday Night Live. Instead of the muffled extemporaneous jazz that Matt expected would be emanating from the garage, faint, vaguely sexual sounds drifted toward him from the room to which he was headed.

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