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“The best boxset of 2016!”

Twenty bestselling authors have joined together to bring you this HUGE boxset FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

From sexy alpha males to dominating billionaires to gorgeous soldiers to cowboys with their wranglers hung low, there’s something for everyone. Including several never before released books, don’t miss your chance to snap up this boxset. We’ve even made it easy for you…with inside info from each author in the contents, it’s easy to choose which titles you’ll adore the most.

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Sale on Grand Slam by Lily Harlem & Lucy Felthouse (@lily_harlem @cw1985) #usopen

Grand Slam, a BDSM sports erotic romance novel by bestselling authors Lily Harlem and Lucy Felthouse, is on SALE to celebrate the US Open 2016! Grab your copy of this critically acclaimed novel for just $2.99/£1.99 on Amazon (instead of $3.99/£2.99)!

Grand SlamBlurb:

California had seduced me with promises of a new life working at Los Carlos Tennis Academy. What I didn’t expect was the dark, brooding number one seed, Travis Connolly, resisting my help. He wasn’t interested in my psychology skills. Instead his attention was drawn to the edgy, sharper corners of my desires, proving that they existed, setting me challenges and driving me crazy to the point of combustion.

I’m the best tennis player in the world—officially—so why would I need a damn woman full of psychobabble to get me on form? Despite my irritation, however, I can’t resist pushing Marie Sherratt’s buttons even though doing that shows her the darkest shades of my lust, the parts of me I buried deep. So I set her a challenge, one she rises to, one that has me rising too, and before long my game relies on her calling the shots, hitting the target and bending to my will. One thing was certain, being not just master of the court, but also of Marie is seriously good for my soul.

So, what are you waiting for? Kink up your Kindle and get yourself in the mood for one of the tennis highlights of the year!

Buy now: http://mybook.to/grandslam

Call for Submissions: Ticket to Ride edited by Beverly Langland

ticket-to-ride-coverTicket to Ride Edited by Beverly Langland

Heat level: Any, but explicit erotic content required

Submission limit: Two per author

Pairings: Any

Submission Deadline: 7th November 2016

Word Count: 3,000-6,000

Trains, Planes, Automobiles… Whatever your preferred mode of transport, you may have come across or thought about an erotic situation. I am looking for tales which involve sexual encounters on all forms of transport (particularly public transport – hence the title of the anthology).

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Call for Submissions: Sacred & Profane: Priest Erotic Romance

Sacred & ProfaneSacred & Profane: Priest Erotic Romance

an anthology mixing the taboo of sex with the holiness of religion

Sacred & Profane: Priest Erotic Romance

Limits: One story per author

Pairing/Sexuality/Gender Identity: Any

Word Count: 3,000 – 6,500

Deadline: 22 October 2016

Editor: Torrance Sené

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Submissive/Dominant – Classifications without Framework by Christine Blackthorn (@CBlackthorn @sinfulpress)


Within academic circles, dominance and submission is, in turns, conceptualised either as highly stable individual characteristics (temperament, character, genetics) or as highly dynamic properties of situations (relationship dynamics, trauma, life circumstances)(Burgoon and Dunbar 2000). In many of these characteristics, one or both of the character traits have been presented with a more negative slant; the analysis often leading to presenting the dominant as lacking social boundaries and the submissive as lacking personal strength (Orford 1986).  Though there have been attempts at presenting a more balanced view the temptation of polarisation still persists.

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Author Profile: Charlotte Howard

Charlotte HowardCharlotte lives in Somerset with her husband, two children, and growing menagerie of pets and can always be found with a cup of tea in her hand. When she’s not writing or running around after small people and animals, she loves to eat curry and watch action films.

Charlotte is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, and an active (and vocal) member of Yeovil Creative Writers.

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Out Now! – Between You and I by Beth D. Carter (@bethdcarter)


Thank you so much for having me here today!  I’ve often had people ask why do I write erotica romance? Do I really have to use those words? Well, yes. Yes, I do. And I’ve had it all.  The raised eyebrows, the nose in the air, even the rolled eyes. Everything that screams disapproval.  All because I say I write erotica romance.  People can’t seem to get past the ‘erotica’ part of that statement.

But I can’t NOT write.  I might explode if I’m not at my laptop trying to find a synonym for the words ‘gazed into his eyes’.  And why erotica romance?  Because it’s real. The sex is graphic because the love is intense.  My stories are not about people like the Cleavers, or the Brady Bunch.  My stories are about people with problems…about an ex-soldier fighting PTSD, women kidnapped for a human trafficking ring, a man who was inappropriately touched as a child, a woman who has survived alone in a wasteland for years.  These characters are raw.  Their emotions are encased in ice.  These people are helpless, hopeless…until love finds them.

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New Release: Don’t Shoot…I’m a Werebear by Angelique Voisen

Don't Shoot... I'm a WerebearDON’T SHOOT…I’M A WEREBEAR


Available from:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
All Romance eBooks
Evernight Publishing

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New Release: Showing Him the Ropes by Christa Tomlinson (@ShockZ314 @GoIndiMarketing)

Showing Him The Ropes Blitz Banner


Chance “The Chancellor” Gerhardt is a mainstay for Frontier Professional Wrestling. He’s won multiple championships and has the respect of the locker room. But after ten years at the top, Chance is looking for a new challenge. The one he gets, mentoring FPW’s young rookie, is both unexpected and unwanted.

Devin Jacobs is a hot new talent signed by Frontier Professional Wrestling. He’s always been a fan of The Chancellor, and not just because of the older man’s skill in the ring. He has it bad for the steely eyed veteran wrestler. Unfortunately for Devin, The Chancellor doesn’t believe in mixing business with pleasure, and isn’t looking to get involved with anyone. Or is he? During long nights traveling and working together, Devin catches more than one secretly admiring glance from The Chancellor…

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