Book Review: Eighty Days Yellow by Vina Jackson (Reviewed by Lily Harlem)

Eighty Days YellowI tend only to read in the evening, but a couple of times a year a book calls to me during the day, pulling me from chores and capturing my mind. Eighty Days Yellow was one such book, and I found myself abandoning tasks in order to secret myself away and pour over the pages.

Summer and Dominik, the two main characters, called to me from the word go. Summer in particular was easy to relate to and invest in even though her voyage of sexual discovery was a difficult one. There were times when it was hard to understand her motives, particularly near the end with Victor who she didn’t seem to care for, but still I stood by her, eager to know the outcome of her decisions and willing her to do the right thing. This was all part of her story and I was there for the ride.

Dominik, a very apt name for a Dom, was complex. He has a gentle heart and also a certain maleness to his inner monologue that made him incredibly believable. I enjoyed how his control over Summer could be harsh yet tender, he was fascinated by her mind and her newly discovered urge to submit. The scenes with Charlotte highlight Dominik’s obsession with Summer all the more, his abstract affection for  Charlotte almost cruel, though as a reader, this suited me when it came to this secondary character. She was the friend who wasn’t really a friend, just someone who used others as puppets in her own show.

The pace of Eighty Days Yellow is smooth. It pulls you in and keeps you there as it ticks along at a steady rate. The narration switches between first and third person point of view, delving deep into the minds of both protagonists. I liked this, being able to enjoy different angles to a story appeals to me. The writing is sumptuous, with many, many lovely lines. The sex scenes are explicit and graphic while still holding a personal feel to them, I always knew what Summer and/or Dominik was feeling. It was erotic, undoubtedly, in a very raw, honest and contemporary way.

In summary, if you’re looking for a well-written tale about a man falling for a woman and hoping to have her willingly submit to him mind, body and soul, then Eighty Days Yellow is a great place to start. Now I have the next two books in the trilogy to look forward to and since Eighty Days Yellow felt like the first few steps of a journey, I can’t wait!

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