Call for Submissions: Captive Unicorn Publications

Captive Unicorn Publications has partnered with Liberator, Inc. a brand leader is the emerging sexual health and wellness industry, to create the Liberator Erotic Library.  This new all-electronic library launching in early 2013 will showcase both erotic romance and erotica. We are actively seeking works for the following four collections within the Library.

Love Artist Collection
This collection features shorter works (4000 – 10,000 words) designed to attract, although not exclusive to, male readers who may have a shorter attention span and want quicker gratification from their reading experience.  These shorter works feature a couple but a single point of view is typically desired and can be either male or female.  Exploration of fantasies, whether in the flesh or imagined, play well in this collection.

Intimate Explorations Collection
This collection focuses on playful expressions of intimacy which deepen the relationship or intensity of the interaction between couples.  Sex is between a couple only, although it may be within or outside of a committed relationship.  The primary focus is on a sensual, pleasurable experience, with mutual exploration of new techniques, toys, playful restraints or other creative sexual activities.  The plot focuses on the growth of the couple, sexually and/or emotionally.  A subset of this collection is the Enlivenment line, featuring stories of established, potentially older couples looking to re-invigorate their sexual appetites or in search of deeper mutual fulfillment.  While on-going commitment is not essential in these works, Happy for Now (HFN) or Happy Ever After (HEA) endings are strongly encouraged. All Enlivenment line works should feature committed couples and HEA ending. Works can range from 10,000 word novellas to full-length fiction of up to 75,000 words.  Works under 30,000 are preferred.

Bedroom Adventures Collection
This collection adds new dimensions to a relationship, stepping up the adventure level from playful enhancements in traditional lovemaking to sexual adventures as a form of recreation via multiple partners, fetish play, club play and other creative sexual activities.  The sky is the limit, so long as all play heightens the relationship and sexual fulfillment of the couple, not just one individual.  As with the Intimate Explorations Collection described above, the Enlivenment line focuses on mature, committed relationships which are expanded through sexual recreation.   Bisexual play is welcome and encouraged, but the primary couple should be M/F.   HFN for the primary couple is encouraged and HEA is a plus, although not required except in the Enlivenment line.  Works may range from 10,000 – 75,000 words and as with the Intimate Explorations Collection, shorter works are favored.

Rainbow Collection
This collection may include elements of any of the previous collections, but the primary couple (or fantasies in solo play) must be M/M or F/F.  All male or all female ménage will also be considered.  HFN endings are encouraged, but not required.  Works in this collection may range from 4,000 words, for Love Artist type works to 75,000 words to works similar to the Intimate Explorations or Bedroom Adventures collections.  Consistent with the overall composition of our library, shorter works are preferred.

Royalties are paid monthly at a rate of 37% of cover price, based on prior month’s sales.   Full submission guidelines are available on the Captive Unicorn website at

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