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onewiththewindtourbanner“You don’t meet your love somewhere; they were inside you all the time.”

How many of us go on a quest to find love? We frequent bars and nightclubs, for some it is churches and for many others it is dating sites. We search the world for someone to complete us, to share our life, but in all that hard work have you ever found that person who seemingly just fits, the one whom you believe you known your entire life?

True love is something that is in our soul. We really do not have to look for it if it is already there. Often it is a painful empty feeling knowing something is missing. This is the feeling that prompts us to search high and low for love to fill the void, but more often it is truly unsatisfying.

Finding true love starts with you. In order to find your true love, you have to be completely one hundred percent you. That means, no trying to maintain appearances, be part of the crowd or pretend something you’re not. In order for you to find true love, your true self must shine, so don’t let anyone else dim you.

“Your soul knows what you need.”

Trust that inner light inside you; trust that longing feeling for love inside. The more open you are; the better the chances of finding the one. But remember, the beauty of love is no love is perfect. Don’t turn away the one because they don’t fit your society ideal, or they don’t meet the pressure of your peers. Love is acceptance. It is appreciating all the imperfections. Love, relationships and marriage are a labor of love. Sometimes it is hard work, but it is always worth it.



Josie studied the menu, noting all the exotic fishes and fruits. Her stomach rumbled in demand. When Kitaek returned she said, “I’ll have to coconut mahi-mahi.” She handed him the menu and took a sip of her wine.

“Tell me,” said Nick, “is the unicorn fish served with rainbows?”

Josie coughed and spat out her wine, spraying it on Nick’s shirt and face. She choked, reaching for her glass of water. She took a big gulp and tried to ignore some of the other couples who were now staring at her.

“Sweetheart,” Nick remarked, embarrassed by her behavior.

“Are you okay, Madame?” asked Kitaek.

Josie nodded. “Yes, fine.”

Kitaek addressed Nick, “Sir, the unicorn fish is freshly prepared by fairies, seared on a rainbow, glazed in a delicate lollipop sauce, and drizzled with a touch of stardust.”

Nick looked at Josie sternly. “That sounds divine. I will take that.”

“Very good,” said Kitaek. “I will be back with more bread and more wine for the lady.”

Josie watched Kitaek traipse back through the water. She then turned her attention to Nick, who grinned mischievously. “That was surreal.”

Both were curious to see Nick’s unicorn fish served. It was grilled with a tropical fruit salsa and dressed with coconut shavings. It almost resembled a rainbow. Josie reclined in her seat, feeling the effects of the wine and the water at her feet. It was a very good night to become fully intoxicated, not just by alcohol, but by romance. Even Nick’s obnoxious tropical shirt and silly jokes couldn’t ruin her amorous mood.


One With The WindWhat starts as a crush can become one’s love of a lifetime. It is the fantasy that transcends all others—the one perfect love.

Tomboy Josie Hynes has admired Nick Markovich from afar for years, but it isn’t until her senior year in high school do they finally meet. At first Josie is put off by Nick’s brutal honesty and his offbeat sense of humor, but it is their physical attraction she cannot deny. Nick and Josie stumble into a passionate love affair with a connection so strong, separation is unbearable. Throughout the years, Together become one—one with the good times and the bad, one with happiness and sadness, one with laughter and tears, one with sickness and health — one with the wind.

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Jane Livingston“One with the Wind” is the first erotic novel I have published. I have read several others, but the standout for me was Anais Nin’s “Little Birds.” Personally, i wanted to do something different; I wanted to explore one couple’s intimacy throughout the stages of their life and how they kept the fire going through good times and bad times. I fell deeply in love iwth both characters and don’t be surprised if you find more of them someday.



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