Interview: Valerie Brundage

Valerie BrundageHere’s an author interview with Valerie Brundage. Take it away, Valerie…


How did you start writing erotica?

I wrote stories and poetry when I was younger but got out of the habit, although I do a lot of writing and editing for work. After I found myself with free time after my divorce, I began to write again and found erotica “spoke” to me. Strong feelings and very emotional writing, like romance with the good parts in close-up.

What erotic authors do you enjoy reading?

She’s not quite an “erotica” writer but Chloe Caldwell is bold and striking in her essays exploring her bi-sexual tendencies and experiences. She makes it very real and funny and sad, sometimes at the same time. Also, Remittance Girl consistently writes challenging and sexy short fiction.

What’s your favourite published work of yours and why?

Each new one is my favorite — the short story collection Erotic Daydreams has gotten a lot of positive response because I explored a lot of different kinks in it. But I still have a fond spot for my first novel 365, because it freed me to go to slightly dangerous places in my heroine’s journey.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

There are a hundred fantasies in my head. I just tease them out, and then try to make them as real as possible on the page. No straight male-oriented porn if possible. I want to believe the people I’m writing about are actually losing control.

Who is your favourite character from one of your stories and why?

It has to be Joanna, the good-hearted but randy heroine of 365 (who sleeps with that many men in a year) and of Four on the Floor (where she gets into the BSDM scene). She has a guileless ability to get into sexy situations and is curious in a way I only wish I could be in real life.

Do your nearest and dearest know what you do, and if so, what was their reaction when they found out?

Only a couple girlfriends, who already know my naughtier side. I haven’t outed my secret slut to any co-workers or lovers (yet).

How do you get yourself in the mood to write?

Honey, sometimes I’m so in the mood the writing has to take a backseat.

What’s the best writing tip you’ve ever been given?

Don’t be afraid to tell the truth. Don’t be afraid of what others will think. Write something that you feel rather than something that “sounds” proper. This also helps me not worry so much about grammar and “rules,” at least for the first couple drafts. The first draft is where I’m more interested in finding out what my characters are doing (or want to do).

Which author, erotic or otherwise would you love to meet and why?

I’d like to talk to Lidia Yuknavitch, who wrote an amazing sexy autobiographical book “The Chronology of Water,” which showed how something can be truthful and painful at the same time. Her story is an inspiration. Also, Erica Jong would be fun to talk to. She really broke down boundaries a long time ago for women to write what they’re feeling.

What’s your favourite genre within erotica and why?

I like cuckold stories, a couple men with a woman. Something about the humiliation and illicit sharing of partners is my current turn-on. The negotiations that go on in such situations is endlessly fascinating to me.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m toying with a rape-fantasy story. It’s not politically correct, but then those dark places I’m following my characters into is very exciting and gets me wet when I’m putting words and deeds on paper.

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